About us


since 2013

Gallery 27 is offering high quality locally made handmade artworks.

 Gallery run by batik artist Nino Kvavilashvili is open since 2013. Together with Nino, more than 200 local (not only from Tbilisi also from different regions of Georgia) are presenting their handmade artworks.

We strive to find and attract artists, designers or craftsmen across Georgia who create something special and valuable. Here you will find traditional blue tablecloths and enamel jewelry, as well as hand-painted colored scarves, wall hangings that will add even more warmth and coziness to your home, as well as leather and ceramics that still retains the author's hand warmth - a handmade item is just another energy carrier!
Visit our store on 52 Lado Asatiani Street, or virtually through this website - we strive to provide our guests with a wide variety of choices, showcasing all the techniques and materials found in Georgia - we are in constant search.


Gallery 27 is all about pure friendly relationships with our lovely producers and our inspirational customers from around the globe.

If you are feeling crafty yourself, want to do something different, learn new skills and technique you can get involved in our workshops.
We aim to design personalized gifts for happy memories by using only high quality materials.
Our workshops encourage especially foreign guests to learn more about Georgian culture and heritage.
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