7 Reasons why you should buy gifts at Gallery 27 !

7 Reasons why you should buy gifts at Gallery 27 !

The New Year is near and it's time to choose gifts!

Before you visit the mall, stop by and enjoy one or more of our 150+ authors, and here are 7 reasons why you should shop with us and not anywhere else:

1 Gallery 27's handicrafts are of high quality, buy and see for yourself;

2 Each work is created with passion and love, and at the same time carries the warmth and positive energy from the creator's hand;

3 Handmade items are not repeated, by giving a unique gift you express your kindness and special attitude towards the addressee;

4 By purchasing handmade items from us, you support Georgian authors and encourage them to create more and more interesting works;

5 Most of the items made in the gallery are made from secondary materials, by purchasing these items you contribute to the protection of the environment;

6 In Gallery 27, you can buy works based on Georgian culture and taste, made with different traditional techniques, and you become a defender and sharer of the culture of your country;

7 At the end, by buying gifts from us, you support the development of small businesses, which is very important for the country's economy.